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From the surrealist theatrics of Oingo Boingo and Devo to the esoteric lyricism of Hunky Dory, it seems that not taking yourself seriously can give you a big leg up in the world of art rock. And as with the escapism given to us by those ’70s and ’80s greats, modern day art rockers like Austin’s The Best Around cross the wires between absurdist, 


With irreverent wit and heaps of cheeky charm manage to perfectly chart the humbling experience of growing up and the wisdom that comes with it. Gorgeous guitar work and a bouncy bass line underscore this poetic and punchy indie rock anthem.

The track starts with the jolly jangling of the guitar that sets an uplifting tone. 


A little weird, crazy and mixed up like crazy: This damn cool track has it all and is definitely anything but mainstream. The US band The Best Around recently released their brand new single 'Bitter Pill' and convinced us with a fantastic and extremely virtuosic alternative rock sound. The song gets an absolute unique selling point especially through its striking and effective riffs, which mainly consist of scales played downwards and still guarantee recognition value. They also give the whole thing an excellent psychedelic touch.


I would probably be sharing this no matter what it sounded like, out of general principle: I care deeply about the band Silkworm, more people should know about them, and I support any band deciding to cover them. Even so, Austin’s The Best Around do an admirable job of taking on “Young” from 2002’s Italian Platinum, adding to the original without losing the plot. 


The Best Around are back with their genre-bending blend of raw lyrical honesty and booze-fueled bluesy bravado, providing another delicious slurp of a sound soaked in humor and heart. 

It begins with the jangling wrangling of the fuzzy footed guitar riff that while deliberately a little wonky still retains the rockstar rhythm of its sober skill. 


With this frenetic buzzing spiral of sound at the core of it’s main refrain, is the sonic answer to a panic attack. It prickles against the eardrums and puts the listener into a state of unease. It’s incredibly masterful and emotive song writing that acts as the perfect vessel for the songs message.

It begins with a stuttered robotic drum that feels deadened and lifeless, around this the guitar and organ keys begin their never-ending tornado cyclone dance round and round the totem pole that the rest of the song is built upon.

find no enemy.PNG

A rather rowdy and raucous piece of modern alternative folk/country, the latest piece from The Best Around is an absolute treat to go through. There’s not a dull moment on ‘Didn’t Come Here to Count ‘Em’. Each part of the track has its moments, featuring lyricism that you’d find from a typical country track, a dollop of synth work to give it a distinctively modern feel, and an absolutely pomp loaded horn section that simply elevates the entire piece onto a new level. It feels like an instant shot of caffeine, a burst of adrenaline, a shockwave that’s bound to get you rolling around.

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