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March. 2, 2022 (Austin, Texas) Austin band The Best Around is releasing their latest single "Young" to all streaming platforms on Wednesday, March 2, 2022. Following their indie folk sing-a-long, "Who's Gonna Love Me Now?" "Young" is a cover originally released 20 years ago by 90s indie rock band Silkworm featuring vocalist Kelly Hogan.

"No band spent more time in my CD player during college,"The Best Around lead singer Camron Rushin said. "I remember hearing 'Young' for the first time and thinking it was the most beautiful song I'd ever heard."


"Young" is a power pop ballad which songwriter Tim Midyett of Silkworm said was about the "self-centered reason for being in a relationship. You want that person to keep you young." Many reviewers assumed the song was about talking a friend out of suicide because of the references to jumping off a bridge. As an emo 21-year-old in 2002, Rushin's interpretation was somewhere in-between where he saw a message of hope in down times and on the other side of that you'd find the one who would keep you young.


Trying to keep it true to the original while incorporating their own eclectic tastes, The Best Around begin "Young" as a piano ballad. But then studio rats Todd Pruner and Jon Merz enter the picture, sprinkling in acoustic guitars, micro-Korg arrpegiator, and drum machines that have come to define The Best Around sound.. The song slowly crescendos and the second half of the song introduces Merz wailing fuzzed out guitar leads, while Camron's heart on sleeve vocals float into the stratosphere.


"The future is pretty wild," Rushin said. "I never imagined that 20 years ago, I'd be 'tweeting' one of my favorite songwriters and asking if I could cover his song. And that he might actually hear it."


The Best Around formed at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. To conform to social distancing measures, they didn't meet to practice, but instead recorded each of their parts in their own respective home studios, tool sheds, and closets. Very little instructions are given as tracks are passed back and forth, and any member can add any part they want. 


Even though restrictions have relaxed, they have maintained this process while completing a series of singles they hope to release individually, and then re-release as a complete album.


"Young" was mixed and mastered by Erik Wofford of Cacophony Recorders in Austin, TX. It will be released exclusively via streaming platforms on March 2, 2022. The band will also be running a social media campaign to promote this release, which will be followed by a music video.


The Best Around is an indie alternative rock band from Austin, TX that formed in the Spring of 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to maintain social distancing, each member recorded their parts separately in their own homes. Rarely collaborating or discussing how the songs should turn out, instead files would just show up in inboxes allowing each member to decide what to add. Despite mixing up the order, this is how all their songs have been produced. Using each members previous experience most of their songs contains some elements of punk, post-punk, folk rock, synthpop/rock, new wave, psychedelic rock, garage rock, electronic and jazz.


Who is The Best Around?

Camron Rushin is a singer/songwriter who has dabbled in and out of the music scene since the early 2000s. His previous Austin band, Safeword, played shows around Austin from 2008 before burning out in 2013. 

Todd Pruner has played bass for English Teeth, Kodachrome, The Foundries, and Christopher Douthitt and the Glyphs. He played lead guitar for The Asteroid Shop. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, banjo, bass, and synths.  

Jon Merz is a multi-instrumentalist who has played trumpet, trombone, keyboards and guitar for Montopolis, My Jerusalem, Soul Track Mind, The Foundries, Monk Parker and Uke.


How did The Best Around form?

Camron and Todd have been co-workers since 2011 and bonded over politics and music.. Camron had been threatening Todd for years that he was going to send him songs he had been working on, but the hustle and bustle of normal life kept getting in the way. After being quarantined for a few weeks, Camron penned the song, “Margaret,” recorded a demo, acoustic version and sent it to Todd. Todd laid down the tracks, and sent it back for Camron to fill in the vocals. Todd then recruited his friend Jon Merz to fill in all the ear candy. Everything just fell into place after that.




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